Reiki care


Reiki, what is it ?


Reiki is a natural energetic care technique which provides a physical, mental, emotional and psychological balance.

Reiki, Japanese word, means universal energy of life.

“Rei” means universe’s energy.

“Ki” means vital energy. This is the strength inside each human being.

It helps to restore the natural balance by linking vital strength and universal energy. It happens because universal energy is able to heal body, soul and spirit.

Additionally, it puts body energy and vital force in circulation.


Reiki care, how does it work ?


During the first session of the care, you will explain how you feel.

Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands to you. The practitioner places her hands on or near your body in a series of hand positions.

The whole treatment usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

To get its benefits, it’s recommended to receive 4 cares over a 15 days period.

Reiki care Cap Femina
Reiki care, for whom ?


Everyone can get a reiki care. Especially people who :
– are tired, stressed…
– can’t sleep
– suffer physically : back pain, headache…

It does not replace medical treatment. It supports people who are suffering from diseases and illnesses. And it helps people who need timely support.


Reiki, what can be treated with ?


Everyone is unique.

Its cares can help you to find out what it’s important for you, for your life and for your fulfillment. You will learn to recognize your natural potential and you will be focused on what it’s essential for you.

Be yourself will help you to feel good with you and the others.


Reiki care’s benefits:

To sleep better
To feel relaxed
Help to strengthen immune system
Help you to make decisions and see more clearly
Get to know oneself
Release blockages of energy.


To make an appointment for Reiki care


Consultations are available by appointment in Prague 3.

Contact me by using the contact form or please call me at +420 605 058 480

One  care : 1100 CZK (40€)
Package of 4 cares : 3800 CZK (140 €)