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Sense Motive offers Bach flower consultation

Our psychological and physical states go hand in hand. Negative emotional states directly affect our health.
Bach flower remedies help to balance emotional states and harmonise behaviours.
First of all, negative emotions need identifying. After the identification, we will find flower remedies to rebalance your emotional states.

Bach flower remedies can help you  :

•  In stressful situations : exams, work,….
•  To deal with difficult situations or changes : mourning, move, breakup…
•  At key points of your life : pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, menopause,…
•  To release from negative emotional states : anger, fears, low self-esteem…

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Reiki care Cap Femina
Sense Motive offers Reiki Care

Reiki is a natural energetic care technique which provides a physical, mental, emotional and psychological balance.
Reiki helps to restore the natural balance. And it puts body energy and vital force in circulation.

Reiki’s benefits :

•   To sleep better
•   To feel relaxed
•   Help to strengthen immune system
•   Help to make decisions and to see more clearly

Sense Motive offers relaxing massage

Do you need calm and to release tension ?
Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage.
Massages help to relieve the body-mind and to balance the emotional body

Available massages :

•   Essential oils massage
•   Bach Flower massage

Relaxing massage
Bring wellness at work Cap Femina
Sense Motive offers Wellness Workshop

Through wellness workshops, discover natural and simple methods to take care of yourself, your wellness and your health.

You will learn how to use natural remedies in your daily life to heal and to improve your and your family’s quality of life.

Available wellness workshop:

•   Bach’s flower remedies
•   Nonviolent communication practice group